Digital Clinic on Innovation

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Wednesday, 15 May | 16:00 - 17:00 CET

Speaker: Matt Joe, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Avanade – Seattle, WA

Join us in this Digital Clinic with Avanade’s CTIO and Jury member of the Avanade Digital Innovation Award and

  • Benefit from Avanade expertise on Technology and Innovation
  • Ask all you ever wanted to know about Digital Innovation
  • Get advice to improve your startup regarding digital innovation aspects
  • Get tips on how to win the Avanade Digital Innovation Award during the European Enterprise Challenge 2019.

Matt Joe is the Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Avanade – Seattle, WA.

As Avanade’s Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Matt helps teams envision, embrace, and realize the art of the(ir) possible in today’s digital, ubiquitous computing world. He is a proven technology leader, innovator, and industry speaker who understands that technology shines best when it embraces users’ needs in intuitive, elegant, and eye-opening ways. Matt is the Chairman of the Technology Leadership Council of a non-profit, 501 Commons, is a member of Microsoft’s Distinguished Engineers Council, a member of Accenture’s Technology Vision External Advisory Board where he works with industry leaders to help shape its forward looking trends, and is also a member of Accenture’s Global Technology Leadership Council. Matt graduated from Boston College where he studied Computer and Cognitive Science.

You can now watch the replay of our webinar