Nordea Financial Sustainability Award


The Nordea financial sustainability award will recognise the start-up that has shown excellence in creating financial value across its operations.

The start-up will have evidence of sound strategic and financial planning, have a solid administration and finance/accounting, and can demonstrate they have generated income.


The prize is awarded to a student company that has made conscious sustainable assessments through its company.


  • Whether the business idea/service/product itself is sustainable.
  • Has the company made conscious sustainable assessments in production and transport?
  • Is sustainability used as a promotional element in marketing?
  • Is the company able to reconcile profitability and sustainability?
  • Has the company worked with one or more of the UN’s sustainability goals “

Jury members

Thina Margrethe Saltvedt

Chief Analyst, Group Sustainable Finance

Niklas Rydberg

Specialist, Group Sustainable Finance Business Dev

Iselin Rosvold

Reporting Specialist, Group Credit Risk