Participating teams



LJE- Les Jeunes Entreprises

Caléméon offers a complete control of your consumption (thermic, electric and water consumption) inside your home thanks to different modules placed in rooms of your house.



VLAJO- Vlaamse Jonge Ondernemingen

We make adjustable babysuits for babies up to 1 year old, so that parents only have to buy one instead of three. In an attempt to reduce the waste of good babysuits that are being thrown away because they are too small after a month of wearing.



JA Bulgaria

For perfectionist winemakers and passionate agronomists whose only target is to be recognizable of their quality wine brand, Bevine is providing the easiest way of monitoring vineyards using a combination of high-quality sensors and AI assistance.


Micro Change

Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

MicroChange is a ballastwater treatment system, with inbuilt filtration for the purpose of collecting microplastics and marine biomass from ballastwater tanks on board ships.



JA Finland

We create design products to our customers. We also offer commercialisation service to material producers so their innovations get the attention they deserve. We vision together Cuitu and material innovations can disrupt the whole fashion industry.


I Feel Gourde

Entreprendre pour Apprendre

Our drinking bottle provides access to public water fountains through geo-tracking. Our goal is be an environmentally-friendly company with a sustainable economic model, hence our catchphrase: “Feel different, feel better, feel gourde”.



JA Greece

Solmeyea integrates with fossil fuel power plants utilizes the captured CO2 and increases the capacity efficiency helping Livestock farming Entities solve the upcoming price volatility and shortage of feed due to overpopulation & arable land scarcity.



Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg is the first platform that reaches out to the youth of Luxembourg. We cover national and international news about various topics and give an in-depth look inside our culture with interviews and podcasts featuring athletes, artists etc.



JA YE Malta

JAXI are introducing a revolutionary service to replace single use plastics in the supermarket industry: The EcoVVise Container. Simple. Creative. Innovative. WE are the change.



Jong Ondernemen

STRAPD is a team of highly driven young entrepreneurs who came together under one mission: creating the ultimate sock-wearing experience. Our patent pending socks come with a unique elastic band that prevents them from sliding. In doing so, the socks offer you continuous comfort throughout the day. Meanwhile, our socks allow for a range of customisation options, offering you the ability to highlight your uniqueness while keeping up with the trends. We take utmost pride in our sustainability ambitions, that is why we want to work with reputable manufacturers and suppliers who meet international standards and ensure that our products are eco-friendly and packaged in recyclable material.


Artifish SB

Ungt Entreprenørskap

Artifish is a student company at NTNU in Aalesund, which is dedicated to improving the aquaculture industry. The company's solution is based on training of clean fish, using its own-designed training system, EDDI (Educational Digital Intelligence).


Kitchen Lab

JA Portugal

We are a Food Business Incubator. We provide local food producers, food suppliers, restaurants and start-ups the possibility of using fully equipped professional kitchen with low risk and investment.


Mindfully Technologies – XVision

JA Romania

XVision is an automated x-ray analysis application that uses artificial intelligence to generate accurate interpretations of digital x-rays, assisting radiologists in their diagnostic tasks.


SyTaCa HealthCare

JA Spain

SyTaCa meets the health needs of people with chronic diseases combining AI technology together with innovating medical methodologies. Our solutions propose targeted goals adapted to the patient's pathology, a medical chat and a social network.


The Goat Tree

Young Enterprise UK

A small cooperative (social enterprise) handcrafting and selling pure, organic, unadulterated Argan oil used to rejuvenate dry skin, brittle nails and wiry hair. Social change in Morocco through welfare projects is our huge ambition.